Fit India Trust is a non-profit organisation committed to taking the Indian Health and Fitness industry to international standards. We bring people together from all facets of the Health and Fitness industry by filling the gaps prevalent in the market. At FIT, we provide quality education that meets the contemporary needs of fitness trainers and enthusiasts in India. We guide them in acquiring better job opportunities in the fitness and health industry. In addition, we also give assistance to gym owners in attaining the right talent for their businesses. We strive to make health and fitness in India more accessible to people and improve the overall health of our nation. From gym owners to fitness professionals and enthusiasts, to nutritionists, dieticians, athletes and bodybuilders we cater to the needs of all.

  • Educational support to fitness enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Career portal helping fitness professionals build successful careers.
  • Business expansion consultancy for Gym and Club owners.
  • Fitness service exploration platform for fitness enthusiasts.
  • State-of-the-art technology to increase the efficiency of business owners.
  • Insurance and financial assistance for professionals.
  • Recruitment assistance for Gym owners to employ certified and talented professionals.


Our vision is to give the health and fitness industry in India, a new and contemporary approach and to make health and fitness more accessible to people around the country, regardless of where they are and what they do.


We endeavour to inspire people to have a healthier and fit lifestyle. We work to make education and job opportunities more accessible to fitness professionals across India and strive to give business development opportunities to gym owners.