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Statistics estimate the fitness tracker market might reach USD 5 billion in 5 years.


Reports show that the health and fitness tracker market may achieve a valuation of US$5 billion by 2025. The number of new functions and applications for these devices has contributed to its increasing demand. Also, various developments are made to use fitness trackers to help diagnose and prevent illness in the future.

Fitness wearables have a huge scope in the market today. And it’s estimated it may grow into a multi-billion dollar industry by the year 2025. It has been seen the demand for fitness trackers are high among the aging population as it can serve as a good alternative to keep a track on their chronic conditions neither the less young generation are also switching to fitness bands as they are light and useful in many ways as it helps to keep a track of their daily activities.

Various researches and developments are being made to upgrade consumer-grade fitness wearables to make it more accurate and enable more features to make it ready for clinically use, Some prototypes have already demonstrated fitness trackers potential to track the progression of the condition such as influenza virus.

As trackers are fairly accurate these days, Certified personal trainers advise their clients to wear a tracker on a daily basis as it can show details about heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, etc.

It is expected there can be more advancements in fitness trackers due to the introduction of flexible electronics and components.

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