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Why Personal Trainer Certification is Important?

Earning a recognised certification will give you better opportunities in your fitness career. Personal Trainer certification provides additional and useful knowledge that boosts your chances of getting a good job or be a successful personal trainer. Benefits of this certification are:-

  • Increase in practical skills and knowledge
  • Career advancement
  • A rise in competitive advantage and efficiency
  • Increase in professional credibility
  • Growth in earning potential
Course Benefits And Career Opportunities.

Key facilities that are available in this course are:-

  • Batch Flexibility Options- We value your time; thus, we provide you with batch flexibility that lets you schedule batch location as per your availability.
  • Practical learning approach- We have a balanced mix of theoretical and practical teaching
  • Opportunity to interact with certified known faculties- Highly recognised, certified and experienced faculties are going to mentor and guide you.

This course has amazing life long benefits as well, such as:-

  • Lifetime placement assistance
  • Lifetime FIT Membership
Course Benefits



1- Role and Scope of Practice for the Personal Trainer .

Leadership and Implementation
  1. Principles of Adherence and Motivation
  2. Communication and Teaching Techniques
  3. Basics of Behaviour Change and Health Psychology
The ACE Integrated Fitness Model
  1. Introduction to the ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model
  2. Building Rapport and the Initial Investigation Stage
  3. Functional Assessments: Posture, Movement, Core, Balance, and Flexibility
  4. Physiological Assessments
  5. Functional Programming for Stability-Mobility and Movement
  6. Resistance Training: Programming and Progressions
  7. Cardiorespiratory Training: Programming and Progressions
  8. The ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model in Practice
Special Exercise Programming Topics
  1. Mind-body Exercise
  2. Exercise and Special Populations
Injury Prevention and First Aid
  1. Common Musculoskeletal Injuries and Implications for Exercise
  2. Emergency Procedures
Professional and Legal Responsibilities and Business Strategies
  1. Legal Guidelines and Professional
  2. Personal-training Business Fundamentals
  3. Code of Ethics
Equipment Consultant Program
  1. We will conduct viva.
  2. Elaboration of equipment's correct usage and new technology.
  3. Workout session to understand the mechanism of the equipment.
Preparation For ACE CPT
Certified Personal Trainer
CPR workshop
Practical Training
Course Material
Online Student Portal
Equipment Consultant Program
Preparation For ACE CPT
Fee:- 50,000 + GST

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Why Apply for a Certified Personal Trainer Course?

As people are so busy these days they hardly have any time to go to a gym and have a workout session instead they look out for personal trainers who can help them reach their fitness goals at the comfort of their home or at a local gym nearby, which led to the demand of certified personal trainers who could train busy professionals and help them reach their fitness goals.

There is a lot of competition in the market among gym trainers to attract clients, thus it is required to apply for a certified personal trainer course to have better job opportunities and stay one step ahead of others.

Where do we have our centers?

We have our centers in Delhi/NCR, you can apply for a Certified personal trainer course in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram. Fit India Trust is also working to create new centers in small cities of India to increase the employment power of the individuals and provide affordable education to gym trainers across India.

Benefits in of FIT-CPT course?

There are numerous benefits of completing FIT-CPT Course that include lifetime CPT certificate, placement assistance, and preparation of ACE Personal Trainer Certification Course which allows you to apply for ACE-CPT competitive exams which is accepted Internationally.