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Strength and Conditioning for Golf

 Golfers at all levels benefit from golf-specific training. This expert program begins with evaluation and moves through targeted strength, power, core, and flexibility exercises. This is a comprehensive program to help you in these areas:

  • Generate Explosive power for increased drive distance.
  • Improve flexibility for a more fluid and precise swing.
  • Build muscular endurance for greater shot control through the final hole.
  • Maintain strength and flexibility from round to round and throughout the year.
  • Prevent common injuries.
  • Return to the course quickly with modified rehab exercises.

Location: Online
Duration: 120 hours
Certified personal trainer or Golf player


  1. Golf Fitness Tests-
  1. Hip Mobility
  2. Upper Back Mobility
  3. Weight Bearing Upper Body Rotation 
  4. Weight Bearing Lower Body Rotation
  5. Non weight Bearing Rotation
  6. Abdominal Strength
  1. Flexibility for a Full Swing Arc-
  1. Standing Wall Twist
  2. Extension Ball Rolls
  3. Side Bending Ball Rolls
  4. Climber With Reach and Glute Squeeze
  1. Preround Warm-Up-
  1. Cuff  Activator
  2. Reach and Scuds
  3. Windmills
  4. Upper on Lowers
  5. Lowers under Uppers
  6. Standing Knee Pull
  7. Standing Double-Hamstring Release
  8. Pyramid Lunge
  9. Toe-Touch Hip Lunge
  10. Wide-Grip Swings to Full Swings
  11. Accelerated Torso
  12. Full Swings
  1. Weight Training for Maximum Distance-
    a.   Strength Training Program
    b.   Free Weight Exercises
    c.   Muscle Memory
  1. Balance Training
  2. Stabilization Exercises
  3. Program Design
  1. Core Training for Postural Stability-
    1.  Posture Means Power
    2. Balance
    3. Strengthening Your Postural Muscle
    4. Postural Strength and Endurance
    5. Unloaded Program Alternating
  2. Cuff Training For a Solid Back Swing
    1. Hip and Shoulder Analogy
    2. Cuff Programs
    3. Exercise Essentials
    4. Hip Cuff Program
    5. Shoulder Cuff Program
  3. Motor Memory for Power Transfer and Skill Execution
    1. Overview of Motor Training
    2. Muscular Awareness and Abdominal Bracing
    3. Muscular Awareness
    4. Separation Control
    5. Separation Control and Balance
    6. Body segment Coordination
    7. Linear and Rotational Weight Transfer
    8. Combating Common Flaws
    9. Application to Fitness Programming
  4. Nutrition and Supplements for Golf Energy Needs
    1. Smart Carbohydrate
    2. Proper Hydration
    3. Preround Nutrition
    4. Midround Nutrition
    5. PostRound Nutrition
    6. Nutrition for Muscle Building and Recovery
    7. Performance Enhancing Drugs
  5. Advanced Power Development
    1. Advanced Training Program for Power
    2. Aerobic and Anaerobic Warm-Up
    3. Dynamic Warm-Up
    4. Weight Shift
    5. Medicine Ball Program
    6. Lower body Exercises
  6. 15 Minute Weekly Maintenance
    1. DBS Balance Board Drills
  7. Rehabilitation and Recovery from Injury
    1. Gender and Age Differences
    2. Shoulder Injuries
    3. Hip Injuries
    4. Back Injuries
    5. Elbow,  Rib, And Neck Pain
    6. Treatment
    7. Conclusions