Seated Shoulder Press GSS 9014


Turbuster’s professional grade Bolt series Seated Shoulder Press GSS 9014 is at the pinnacle of strength equipment. With every element designed to sculpt a muscle, The Seated Shoulder Press GSS-9014 targets the deltoid muscles of shoulders

  • Unique Ambidextrous Adjustment Rods – the force on the muscles of both arms can be redistributed as per user customization by fine-tuning adjustment rods attached to the main handrail.

    Enlarged biomechanically angled handles – suited well for different arm length user and are scientifically designed to reduce pressure from the wrist.

    Counter-balanced technology – New Improved Counter-balanced technology reduces the vibrations and jerky movements during reverse motion and provides an efficient and balanced workout.

    Frame – Heavy duty factory welded frame along with a combination of flat oval pipes and rectangular pipes give the equipment an elegant design and provides strength. The aluminium peripheral cap covering protects from wear and tear.

    Design – This equipment has a sleek and classy look that gives a sophisticated and elegant look to the gym.

    Cushioning – Premium quality dual tone with contrast colour seat and back support are made of a highly durable double-stitched leatherette material with High-Density contoured foam cushions.

    Seat Adjustment – The new innovative gas assisted hydraulic seat adjustment system with multi-level of adjustment provides convenient customization as per user requirements.

    Weight Stack – The transparent frosted hardened acrylic weight stack covers with aluminium safety casing on edges give the equipment an elegant look and ensures greater safety of the users. Aluminium casing on the inside is key in preventing any damage to the sheet from frequent weight selection.

    Magnetic snap lock System – Weight selection made easy with “sure-snap” magnetic pin with an anti-loss cord.

    High-Quality Nylon Pulleys – with safety cover for smooth movement

  • longer life and higher durability of the equipment.

    High-Density Foam Grip – are stiff and provide a firm grip to the users during the workout.

    Aircraft Quality Cables – Durable steel cables adds extra strength and ensures the longer sustainability of the equipment.

Dimensions (L*W*H) : 1430X1538X1810 MM
Gross Weight of Product : 245 kg
Weight Stack : 102 kg