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International Fitness Trainer

Why International Fitness Training Program is Important?

Earning a certificate in International Fitness Training will give you better opportunities in your fitness career. This certification covers the depth knowledge of the Personal Trainer Certification Program, Sports Nutrition Certification Program, Equipment Consultant Program, Gym Management, PT & Social Media Management. It provides additional and useful knowledge that boosts your chances of getting a good job in a reputed gym or fitness center. Benefits of this certification are:-

  • ● Increase in practical skills and knowledge
  • ● Career advancement
  • ● A rise in competitive advantage and efficiency
  • ● Start a career in the fitness industry
  • ● Increase in professional credibility
  • ● Growth in earning potential
Course Benefits and Career Opportunities.

Key facilities that are available in this course are:-

  • ● Batch Flexibility Options- We value your time; thus, we provide you with batch flexibility that lets you schedule batch location as per your availability.
  • ● Practical learning approach- We have a balanced mix of theoretical and practical teaching
  • ● Gym Management training with professionals from Powerhouse gym.
  • ● Opportunity to interact with certified known faculties- Highly recognized, certified and experienced faculties are going to mentor and guide you.

This course has amazing lifelong benefits as well, such as:-

  • ● Lifetime placement assistance
  • ● Lifetime FIT Membership
Why Apply for an International Fitness Training Program?

FIT- International Fitness Training Program enhances your practical skills and knowledge regarding personal training, nutrition science, knowledge of different equipment, gym management, PT, and social media management.

There is a lot of competition in the market to attract clients, thus, having practical knowledge in different fields of fitness will keep you ahead of your competitors. So, it is required to apply for a FIT- International Fitness Training Program to have better job opportunities and stay one step ahead of others.

Benefits of FIT- International Fitness Training Program

There are numerous benefits of completing the FIT- International Fitness Training Program that includes placement assistance, and preparation of ACE Personal Trainer Certification Course which allows you to apply for ACE-CPT competitive exams which are accepted internationally. You will get 9 certificates.

Course Features

Certified Personal Trainer
  • 1. Role & Scope of practice for the Personal Trainer
  • 2. Leadership & Coaching techniques
  • 3. Health & Fitness assessments
  • 4. The ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model in Practice
  • 5. Resistance Training Program Design
  • 6. Aerobic Training Program Design
  • 7. Special population exercise Consideration
  • 8. Injury Prevention & management
Certified Sports Nutrition
  • 1. Basics of Nutrition
  • 2. Dietary guidelines & general nutritional recommendation
  • 3. Exercise Physiology & Nutrition
  • 4. Nutrition strategies for optimum athletic performance
  • 5. Nutritional strategies for competitive endurance strength & power athletes
  • 6. Nutritional supplements & ergogenic aids
1 ACE Approved Workshop
  • 2 Certifications Practical Workshop
  • 1 Certification Workshop
Q. How do I become a certified Personal trainer in India?

Having a certification from a recognized organization is a prerequisite for entering the fitness industry. Once you've decided that becoming a personal trainer is right for you, the first step is choosing a certification program. Fit India Trust offers a variety of fitness training courses with written and practical examinations.

Q. What are the benefits of a Certified Personal trainer?

Having your personal training certification means you have learned the fundamentals of fitness, movement, exercise science, training, and coaching. Trainer certification also proves you have the knowledge base necessary to help clients meet their goals safely and effectively. -Whether you are offering one-to-one training, boot camps, or aerobics classes, you control what you earn. -Controlling your earnings and your hours, you become your boss as a personal trainer.

Q. How is Fit India Trust different from any other fitness training institute in India?

We cannot compare Fit India Trust with other institutes as this would be unfair to comment upon Fit India Trust and other institute's effort. We can say that Fit India Trust has rapidly covered most parts of the country in a concise period by constantly providing the fitness industry with well-educated exercise science professionals. On the other side, Fit India Trust courses are budget-friendly as we understand the monetary factors involved and the financial struggles which our students undergo while pursuing any course.

Q.If I don't clear examinations, will I get a certificate?

To maintain and preserve the reputation of the Fit India Trust certifications and ensure that employers across the country trust the accreditation, we do not offer any participation certificate that a candidate could misuse to pretend that they have passed our examinations. Successful completion of all exams is compulsory for certification in all the courses offered by Fit India Trust.

Q. Can I pay the course fees in parts?

Yes, the fees for the courses at Fit India trust can be paid in 3 Easy Installments without any additional charges. Do get in touch with our Course Counselor by calling on 7999567519 for more information on the course fees and payment options.