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Scientific Approach on Soccer Fitness Level-1


Course description: This is the future of Soccer conditioning in India. With content ranging from how to properly develop speed, strength, power, and agility in players at all levels to unique position-specific training guidelines and detailed return-to-play protocols, this course is a real game changer.

Training protocols and progressions, complete with schematics of on-field conditioning drills, guide conditioning for players from youth to professional levels. Field players of every position will increase strength to dribble through traffic. Forwards will pack more power into shots on goal. Central midfielders will improve quickness and agility to find open passing lanes and evade opponents. Goalkeepers will develop the explosiveness to cover the width of the goal to make that save.

Emphasizing player movement and conditioning needs for the long term, you will learn the positional and seasonal demands that directly impact player development and performance and discover the significant differences between playing styles, positions, levels of play, and genders.

To keep players game-ready, you’ll find detailed information on avoiding some of the most common soccer injuries as well as step-by-step, position-specific training protocols for players returning from injury.

Course duration: 1 month, twice a week.



Talent Identification and Player Development

  • Practical Aspects of Player Selection and Development 
  • Development of the Young Soccer Player 
  • Skill Acquisition and Learning Through Practice and Other Activities 

Biomechanics and Technological Applications

  • Biomechanical Principles of Soccer: Translating Theory Into Practice
  • Refining Techniques and Skills Through Scientific Analysis 
  • Practical Biomechanics for Optimal Performance and Injury Prevention 
  • Soccer Boots and Playing Surface 
  • Soccer Ball Dynamics 

Physiological Demands in Training and Competition

  • Targeted Systems of the Body for Training 
  • Conditioning Programmes for Competitive Levels 
  • Environmental Stressors 
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Injury Frequency and Prevention 

Psychology and Mental Demands

  • Psychology and Elite Soccer Performance 
  • Mental Game Interventions 
  • Performance Mindset 

Tactics and Strategies

  • Popular Systems and Styles of Play 
  • Defensive Pressure and Goal Prevention 
  • Key Transitions and Midfield Manoeuvres
  • Essential Elements of Attacking Soccer


Scientific Approach on Soccer Fitness Level-2


Chapter 1. Physical Demands of Soccer
Chapter 2. Fitness Assessment and Evaluation
Chapter 3. Conditioning for Soccer
Chapter 4. Strength Training
Chapter 5. Power Development
Chapter 6. Speed and Agility
Chapter 7. Match and Training Preparation
Chapter 8. Periodization and Programming
Chapter 9. Recovery
Chapter 10. Injury Prevention, Injury Management, and Return to Play